Start selling with us and reach to thousands of your potential customers in no time.

Selling overview

Looking for new ways to expand your business selling more products? We provide better platform where you can display products you wish to sell to your customers. Features on product page include your product photos, information and description as well as competitive market price of the product (non-negotiable). We provide different product categories and thus it will be easier for you to include wherever it fits.


Boost your product sales and reach thousands of customers who are browsing on our website looking for what you may offer. For simplicity, selling products on our website is



We have professional team of photographers and editors who take care of snapping your product photos, editing them and finally making them ready to be published on our website.


We welcome both small & large business. Joining us is never going to cost you anything. Still, we provide option for large companies and whole-sellers take opportunity of our

monthly subscription plan

How it works?

Sellers have option to:

  • create their own vendor account and handle product stock management and sales by themselves, or
  • Let us handle all the heavy duty work for you.

Either way you will enjoy all the benefits of selling with us. Only difference will be whether or not you want to know how selling with us actually works. Once you are ready, you just need to follow these simple steps.

Choose what to sell

With over 10 product categories, sellers are free to choose what they want to sell. Each category includes distinguished product and thus helping sellers to decide what they choose to sell in appropriate category.

Sellers will also get their dedicated product page with collection of their products that are sold on our website. Customers can visit those pages and browse only the products they published to sale.

Product Categories Breakdown is showcased in here.

Choose a selling plan

For better convenience, we offer two different selling plan. Retailers and individuals can sell their product and pay per product basis whereas,

Professional and whole-sellers have a monthly subscription plan.

Learn more about Different Plans.

List your products

After selection of an appropriate selling plan, you are then ready to sell your products on website. The next steps are all handled by us. We will reach to your warehouse, store or any such convenient place for meetup. Products are made final and following information are collected to list products.

1. Product photos
2. Product description
3. Product pricing & policies
4. Information about stock condition

Price update are done once weekly/monthly as per the terms and situation.

Get paid

We collect all fees and charges paid by customer that might be any of the following:

1. Product Price
2. Shipping Charges
3. Gift Wraps
4. Other charges, if any.

After collection of such fees, payable amount and charges are forwarded to the seller. The payment can either directly be deposited into bank or sent to seller’s pre-defined store. If bank deposit is selected, you will be notified after such payment is made.

Shipping Charges:

When shipping is done by us, then all fees are charged by us and aren’t forwarded to the seller. When shipping is done by the seller, no shipping fees & charges are incurred by us.

Our Plan for diverse sellers

We provide opportunity to large businesses and whole-sellers to opt for monthly subscription basis also. Those who want to take advantage of subscription plan includes:

  1. Whole-sellers who sell large volume of similar products and don’t want to get themselves dealing with individual product sold on our website.
  2. Businesses who sell expensive products such as furniture, electric and electronic devices, etc. and don’t want to struggle with charges on each product sale.
  3. Other interested sellers who want to take advantage of subscription plan rather than dealing with per sale basis.

Retailers & Individual Sellers

(Per Product Basis)

1. Display & sell products as per product percentage commission basis
2. Pickup & delivery handled by us
3. No shipping rate customization
4. Special Promotion and gift wrap not available
Charges: varies with each seller and product

Professional & Wholesellers

(Monthly Subscription Basis)

1. Sell products with recurring monthly fee
2. Option for self-delivery by seller
3. Customize shipping rate as per your choice
4. Special Promotion and gift wrap available
Charges: Rs 10,000 per month*

Goodies for subscription based sellers:

  • 1 Month of free Advertisement (advertise any specific product or product category page) on relevant pages of our website.
  • 1 Week of free sponsored products trial (these sponsored products are shown on same category product pages).

* Sellers can cancel their subscription plan at anytime. However, it cannot be cancelled on the first month of subscription. In order to be able to cancel the subscription, subscribed seller must submit a request to us before 15 days of their subscription expiry. Once the plan is renewed for next month and they want to apply for cancellation before 15 days expiry period, no refund is made for that month and sellers will still be facilitated with all features of subscription plan . They will then automatically be terminated from the subscription to retailers & individual sellers plan from next applicable month.